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Creativity In Education (at Vivid Ideas, 10 June)

This year at the Vivid Ideas festival, a special event at the MCA explores 'Creativity in Education: Engaging Creative Students In The Senior High School Years' (presented by Bradfield Senior College).
The event kicks of with a keynote from Dr James Arvanitakis (Dean Graduate Research School, Western Sydney University). Dr Arvanitakis how educators can take advantage of curriculum guidelines to promote creativity and innovation, rather than be impeded by them.
Following the keynote, a panel discussion will explore current innovative work and ask how we can work with and change current practice to produce strong creative thinkers. Panelists will be;
  • John Goh has instilled inspiration, a new way of working in primary schools. His innovative staff are part of the Social Ventures Australia Powerhouse Schools Program. Together, they have a passion for the use of technology in learning and student engagement.
  • Nicole Velik is an expert on creative thinking. Hear how Nicole's work with clients such as the UN, has transformed the way corporations work. You’ll walk away with practical techniques to use in the classroom.
  • Brett Rolfe divides his time between the advertising world and a fantastic social project, SchoolHouse, which promotes more progressive approaches to education.
  • Michael Stoddart leads the Digital Media business strategy for Adobe in Asia Pacific, supporting the technology transition to take advantage of tablet, mobile and creative engagements.
  • Joachim Cohen is a passionate educator, excited by the potential the 21st century connected landscape presents to grow, harness and develop the skills of learners as creators and innovators.
  • Bridgette Van Leuven began her arts career at the Australian Theatre for Young People where she discovered the important role arts education and creativity plays in a young person’s development. She is currently the Head of Children, Families & Creative Learning at Sydney Opera House and is passionate about making the ‘House’ accessible onsite, offsite and online.
  • Meredith Melville-Jones is the Director of Bradfield Senior College – a senior high school which specialises in the Creative Industries. She is passionate about working with senior school students to nurture and develop creative skills in conjunction with their academic studies.
Brett Rolfe

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