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Progressive Highlights of EduTECH

Each year, EduTECH promises the largest gathering of educators in the southern hemisphere. As the name suggests, a lot of the talk is about technology, as well as policy issues, school management and increasing efficiency. But tucked amongst all this, there are inevitably a few progressive gems - speakers and sessions that engage more deeply with topics like student-directed learning; critical and creative thinking; social and emotional skills; or seek to challenge our ideological assumptions about education.

So, in anticipation of a jam-packed two days, here are our top seven picks for what promise to be the most interesting, profound, challenging, pedagogically innovative, and just plain progressive sessions at EduTECH this year.

  1. Dr Bron Stuckey (@BronSt) - Fun is not a four letter word - 11:45am Monday (K-12 Ed Leaders Congress)
  2. Dan Haesler (@danhaesler) - Engaging Kids Today: Pedagogy before Technology - 3:15pm Monday (K-12 IT Directors and Managers Congress)
  3. Prof. Robert Fitzgerald (@rfitzgerald) - Understanding the Requirements of New Learning Spaces: technology, pedagogy and design - 3:15pm Monday (K-12 Business Managers & Administrators Congress)
  4. Howard Errey (@howard61) - Liminality in Libraries: Innovation psychology with Libraries and Librarians - 9:20am Tuesday (Future Library Congress)
  5. Dr Lesley Murrihy (@lmurrihy) - Paradoxical Education: Meeting the needs of our 21st century learners - 10:45am Tuesday (K-12 Ed Leaders Congress)
  6. Dr Jackie Gerstein (@jackiegerstein) - Maker Education: The importance of reflecting on the maker process - 11:45am Tuesday (K-12 Ed Leaders Congress, Stream B)
  7. Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) - The Power of a Gameful Mindset - 4:00pm Tuesday (K-12 Ed Leaders Congress)

Think we've missed something? We'd love to hear your thoughts on other great progressive content at EduTECH.

Brett Rolfe

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