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Project Zero Perspectives: Global Connections in the Digital Age (13/14 March

The first of two Project Zero conferences in Australia this year, Global Connections in the Digital Age, in Sydney focuses on the challenges and opportunities that digital technology presents to educators. Content will address four key questions;

  • How do we educate for the unknown?
  • With an abundance of knowledge now available to students at their fingertips via the internet, how do we shift teaching practices from a model of knowledge transmission to one of developing certain dispositions that transcend subject areas and other boundaries?
  • What can we learn from effective practices in a variety of contexts and apply them to our own?
  • In our fast-paced world, how do we slow the learning down and focus on depth, not breadth?

Speakers include Project Zero founders David Perkins and Ron Ritchhart, as well as current director Daniel Wilson.


Brett Rolfe

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