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Project Zero Perspectives: Leading, Learning, & Thinking (5/6 March)

The first of two Project Zero conferences in Australia this year, Leading, Learning, & Thinking, in Melbourne shares updates on several ongoing projects with schools in Victoria as well as broader topics across four different strands;

  • Creating a Culture of Thinking: Developed with Bialik College in Melbourne, this project considers the following questions: How do we help learners develop dispositions that support thoughtful learning across school subjects? Why is it important to make thinking visible?
  • Growing Up in the Digital Age: What are the civic, moral and ethical opportunities and challenges afforded by the digital age? How are the meanings of local and global citizenship and civic action shifting? What are the implications for civic education?
  • Leading Learning That Matters: Working with a dozen schools in the Independent Schools Victoria network, this project examines: What does it look like when schools develop pedagogies that support “learning that matters” locally and nationally? What does leadership look like in schools that focus on learning that matters?
  • Making Learning Visible: How can visible representations of thinking be used as a force for student learning? How do we document and assess student and teacher learning in order to further our own learning? How does making learning visible support effective collaborative endeavors in a variety of contexts?

Speakers include Project Zero founders David Perkins and Ron Ritchhart, as well as current director Daniel Wilson.


Brett Rolfe

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